Vuja De.

It means to look at the same thing over and over again and then one day see something new. To look at something everyone has seen and say, ‘why has no one done this before?’
Questions begin journeys and that’s where our journey began – with a question. What would that beer taste like? And since then, asking questions has helped us find inspiration where others might see the mundane. To find flair in the ordinary. To extract the treasure from the barrel and see the output (waste) as wonder.

We have an unapologetic excitement for opportunity...

and a belief that within the routine of the everyday you can discover greatness, be it large or small.
We don’t wait for inspiration to hit us though, we enthusiastically seek it out. To do so is to be the antidote to the negativity, rebellion and antipathy that’s inherent in the craft beer industry. Where some see ‘cool’ in cynicism we see negativity. We unashamedly show our passion for life.

When the world shouts louder, we choose to look, to listen.

We open our ears and our eyes before our mouths. Shouters tell you why to drink their beer. Listeners notice that you are already drinking it, ask you what you think and then see if you’d like to ‘borrow’ the glass.
The world can see through wafer-thin showmanship, we don’t have time for obsessive perfection and we believe the sense of ‘rebellion’ within craft beer is disingenuous. We prefer to be authentic, honest, experimental and above all else, inclusive -  all underpinned with a healthy dose of positivity.

We will continually align Innis & Gunn with great people, great bars and great experiences that are rich with both story and heart. This means an honest, human, eyes-open, mind-ready attempt to find the inspiration in the everyday.

The craft beer world has never been so vibrant, the past decade of rapid growth shows no sign of slowing.  New consumers are flocking to the category and the ones who have been there a while are drinking more and more. 
The market is buoyant, there are now over 2000 breweries in the UK and 83% of Americans now live within 10km of a brewery…and with that as many suppliers a strong brand is essential.
And that’s exactly what we’ve started doing here, we’ve rebranded, world on our brand positioning, revitalised our digital, launched new variants and pack sizes and embarked on our first ever wave of integrated campaigns in Scotland. We’ve also started our own retail units and strengthened the resources in our international markets.  All this has been done to our usual high standards and we have the awards to prove this.
"However, the market is changing, and competition is fierce, we believe that over the next five to ten years as the category develops a group of 15ish brands will emerge to be the global players.  Our ambition, and our challenge, is to be one of them."




We are excited to be working with Innis & Gun at this key phase in their growth as a business. After a number of years of consistent growth and recent significant investment in the business, they are building a truly global craft beer brand.

What matters to Innis & Gunn



Innis & Gunn believe there is a beer for everyone. Not everyone who drinks craft beer, but everyone.

We think beer for enjoying not for defining every facet of your being.

We think everyone is free to like what they like.


We are constantly experimenting, with new flavours, new processes and new ways of reaching our drinkers.

If it's not been tried before it means we should think about trying it. We like to mix it up.

Innovation is built on trial and sometimens being wrong can actually be right. Trying equals learning. We explore, we make stuff, we break stuff, mess up, clean up and innovate from the moment we get up.

Enrich your day.


Preparation meets opportunity.

We are not hit by inspiration though, we are looking for it, in every nook and cranny of life.

We are seeking opportunity, not being opportunistic, we combine insight with instinct to as it is important to know when it's time to put our chips on the table and when it's time to toast them. 

Do something different.


We like to think we are pretty good at what we do and although we might fail from time to time, everything we do, we do with heart.

You can make a lot of noice without shouting. While some of the world seems to be doing everything with a 'nod and a wink' we like to do it with an encouraging nudge.


Interested? If you'd like more information on the opportunity at Innis & Gunn, please contact PAUL MCkERNAN or STEPH BUCKLEY on 03303 359 818. Thank you.