Our rural home in Speyside, Scotland, is a stone’s throw away from more world-class brands than anywhere in Europe. In these times of profound change, our beautiful Highland setting offers a unique clarity of thought that has eluded most agencies.

Our scenic view includes a glimpse into the future: If your brand or cause has a compelling story that deserves to be heard, you can no longer rely on a PR agency’s headcount or annual turnover to predict success.

Even blue-chip clients are turning away from massive global conglomerates in search of brilliant ideas from small and nimble agencies that can do a bit of everything. 



Since launching in 2017, SPEY has made its mark collecting the Best New Agency of the Year PRCA and PR Moments within a year of starting and in 2019 awarded PRCA’s Small Consultancy of the Year. 

The agency has delivered campaigns on a global level across several consumer sectors and forged trend-setting brand partnerships along the way including capsule clothing collections and blockbuster movie product placements supported by powerful creative.